My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
Bike park fun for Fall Break

Monday, February 20, 2012

June 28th 2012

This summer Myllyssa is going to have a little girl and she has committed to placing her in our family and home. She thought that having a older sibling the same race would be helpful for her little gal. Brad and I are thrilled to death. Last Friday a week after we got a call from her we met at the Fire station park and had a 2 hour play date with Lyssa and her little guy Kai. I told her she makes the most beautiful babies and we were so excited. We chatted about what we wanted from each other. Im telling you that if this was a missionary experience She would be known as a golden birth mom!. We are proud of Lyssa and her strength, she is going back to church and is being a responsible adult.
I am going to be honest I have already gone a bit nuts. Friends have helped us by giving us handdown girls clothes and I have already started making bows and getting the room set up. PLEASE do know that these situations have ways of not working out. I do realize this and I am 100 % committed until those papers are signed. But when Lyssa commits to breast feeding for weeks after she is born I am all but amazed! As of right now we are thinking Ruby Rae Olsen for our little gal. The family is on board and we are so excited.

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