My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
Bike park fun for Fall Break

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer had us some fun!

With Brad working nights and needing to sleep the days I have taken it upon myself to be gone out of the house most days. Which means I need to be creative with where we go and super duper prepared because there is no driving home when we are committed to an event in town. We have had a blast this summer and I cant believe schools start in a month or less!! We had an unusual cool may that allowed for more zoo visits and we look forward to our weekly visit with Gma Killian that isn't doing so hot. We had a blast at the Natural history museum with classes and walking the museum. We love wiggle worm, the public pools and cant wait for our lake trips to Roosevelt. The kids are troopers in the hot heat so we have been so lucky to get away to SD and Provo for a few weeks of it. Henry loves water and the kids are so good at swimming without any helps from life jackets. Overall I wouldn't change anything! We look forward to school starting soon.

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