My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adoption here we come!

So the more I think about adoption the more I feel like this is what will be our direction for receiving children. A few weeks back Brad and I were able to attend the big SW Regional conference for FSA- Families supporting adoption. It was a two day event that was jam packed with amazing classes, great fun, and yummy food. We knew a lot of what we being taught but it was so nice to be in a support system with other people that are in the same boat. One of the greatest booths were several different adoption groups other than LDS. I was able to get some great information on different avenues that we could peruse if we wanted to go a more expensive route. LDS adoptions are so much cheaper because the church subsidized a lot of the expenses so more people have a route to adopt through. The normal adoption cost is 15-40 thousand dollars. In the mean time working with LDS you have to deal with a lot of CRAP that is really irrational and slow, and time constraining and overwhelming to say the least. oh and then! you have to look for your baby. None of the options even promise you a child, esp. LDS. This week I woke up and had a thought that if I could get the money I would have no problem going to a separate private agency to find our child. We are now working on our 3rd agency which is up in Utah called Heart to Heart. They start at 15,000 so all expenses can be covered on all sides. The more our name is out in the world the better chance we have of success. The great news is, we have almost everything that we need to easily just fax or mail it up to Utah. We will get posted immediately and hopefully adoption isn't years but months instead.

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  1. Jess, I have a friend who has adopted six kids since they've been married. If I remember correctly...I could be wrong...they adopted through LDS services first and then went through a state agency after that because it was faster. I think it did cost more but if you would like to ask her any questions about the agencies she's used let me know and I will get you in touch with her! She's amazing and I know she would love to share her info! I do know that most of the kids she adopted were not babies....the first one or two might have been, I can't remember. Either way, you could say she has a lot of experience in adoption! lol. Good luck with it and I pray that you will be able to start your family soon!!