My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"ITs about love" Profile ID: 25406955- Check us out!

So exciting that Brad and I are finally online with its about love. Really this process is so amazing. Obviously, with so many families looking to adopt and all of us having so much information on us as a couple, it became nearly impossible for a birth couple to process all the profiles in the LDS adoption world. The church recently made a collective site that allows anyone to search through keyword phrases. This means that a couple who is looking to place a baby can type in things like- AZ, or older sibling, or dog, etc. A number of profiles pop up and the birth parent couple can then browse through a handful of profiles rather than hundreds. We are thrilled with the new site but we are feeling rather overwhelmed at knowing that all the words in our profile matter down to the tiniest word. One birth mom typed in the word Dallas because she loves football and wanted her son to have a family that enjoyed the cowboys as much as her! I can guarantee our site doesn't have that in it, although we do have the dog search word down! I still haven't found the motivation to mail our new profile books up to Heart to Heart adoptions. Do I want to get picked for a placement and pay 30-40 thousand dollars? I am thinking NO right now.
As for Thanksgiving, the stress of showing up to a HUGE family party without kids was all but eliminated as we started to eat. I spent the afternoon riding horses, playing with my nieces and snuggling on the floor with my cousins half Samoan baby. Man! he smelled so good I could have laid their with him forever. No one asked about our situation, or commented their feelings, I am grateful for a mother that talks about us to everyone for once! People knew not to ask and that is more than okay with me!

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