My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Adding to our resume of experiences.

I feel like there are so many different types of adoption experiences that Brad and I have gone through and yet will go through in our little journey. We recently added a couple new experiences to our adoption checklist of new learning curves. I think anyone would agree that when it comes to a baby placement the MOST ideal would be a private placement with attorney involvement and minimum agency involvement. Not only is it crazy cheaper but we (birth mom and adoptive couple) get to make more of the decisions and have more contact with each other. We recently went through just this, twice actually. Brayden's birth mom found us, contacted us and committed her 7th baby to us, only to demand a huge amount of money in exchange for her baby. We had red flags the whole short process before backing out. She expected us to trust her and wanted money before we had any proof of pregnancy. Long story short TO THIS day we still don't even know if she ever even was expecting. But the lack of baby bump at 6 months, alcohol and cig posing pictures didn't invite any kind of confidence either. We were sad to terminate our open relationship but if we were being scammed, I couldn't function with something like that looming over our heads. We wish her luck and hope that the hole is finds herself in is soon eradicated. Second, a month after this above mentioned experience hit the fan we were RANDOMLY contacted by a second BM that was highly interested in us as a couple. She googled and tripped on our adoption profile through Facebook. Which still blows my mind on craziness. After, explaining our recent devastation to her and getting all the PC stuff out of the way things were going great. Serious, a month into chatting she is off the grid. I announced to the family and church group and anyone that would listen. I was that confident that this January baby would be coming to our home. It motivated me to paint that nursery and pin some cute nursery ideas. Oh! and that baby name that had been reserved for our third baby was going to happen! TO THIS DAY I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT Happened. We have no closure on the whole process and it's the disgusting part of any baby business. Are we better for going through this? IDK. I still have some wounds, but what I do think is she though we would play her scam game and well ladies and Gents we got that whole experience down. Hard to scam a couple that already has been though one. I PRAY that she is pregnant and not dead, and is still keeping us in her plans for placement. I Pray that she isn't scamming a trusting unsuspecting couple as well. S SO for now we will play the waiting game and continually be grateful for the babies that we do have that bless so many peoples lives including ours. ADOPTION should be defined a kick in the pants that will humble you and reward with the greatest increase available.

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