My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
Bike park fun for Fall Break

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Brad and I really have had so many great experiences so far in our road to creating a family. I didn’t say it was fun or easy or successful. But we’ve had many experinces that have pushed our limits and made me just a bit more patient. Considering how long we have been at this jaunt… Nearly, every person has made some kind of call to see if they knew of a possible adoption in the process. A couple birthmothers have ended aborting the baby before we could find her. A couple babies have been sent to the family that they were suppose to be with. And as of right now, we have two possible situations where if it is RIGHT we may just get to adopt our child. The time seems to go by so quick when we are busy serving in the church, working long hours, and looking forward to a due date in the future. We find our selves blessed to have family and friends who are on the lookout for us as well. I find that I would like to keep a memory of this journey so that years later I can think of this as a positive trial that made us more refined. Hence, the blog will be a record of the many amazing experiences, as well as heartache, drama and joy.

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