My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sperm donor... exposed new territory.

Okay. Here we go… first story begins with Brad’s Aunt in Utah calling us to tell me that her friend and former LDS adoption caseworker is interested in talking with us and helping us network for a baby. I call her and she really is on fire for finding babies for so many families. I am so PUMPED up and excited because she knows of a young girl here in Mesa that is 16 and pregnant and the caseworker will try to see what she can do to pull some networking strings.
I then tell her… By the way Brad and I are in fertility treatments using an unknown sperm donor will this be a problem? To which she responds that it is a non-church practice to use a donor and that I should really reconsider the donor and either adopt or use embryos that are already a created spirit. I tell her.. I’m pretty sure that my information is REALLY accurate considering my source. She still is disagreeing with me and the conversation ends with” I have a couple in the ward that will probably give some of their 10 fertilized embryos to you if you want me to ask”. To be honest, I had no idea that this was possible and once again it makes me that more experienced in this amazing world of baby making.
As for the young girl, haven’t heard anything about when she is due or if adoption is an option. She still has many months to go as of yet. I have our profile sent and am waiting for a follow up eventually.
FYI! It is absolutely okay to use a sperm donor. You know why? Because, anything that is born between a man and a woman living righteously in the covenant is BORN in the covenant and is therefor we are not required to do anything when it comes to sealing or adopting etc. The church’s standpoint on the matter is… it is between the couple and should be sought after with fasting, and prayer. They tell you to use caution when using a donor to make sure that it is the right donor. And that is it.

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