My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Round two

Okay so today was my second insemination apt. I have high hopes for this one, the procedure felt different and I am not in so much pain as the last. Cross your fingers and pray that the next two weeks are busy and go quick. I was chatting with my LDS Doc about the drama's of adoption and the unknown myths out there with drug babies. He couldn't recall what happened to the fetus when it is exposed to METH but he didn't have a very positive outlook on drug babies being adopted at all. The conversation was really neat I thought. He wants people to be compassionate and give these less fortunate babies a new life and a chance for success but at the same time he sees so many people that do adopt and 20 years down the road have all kids adopted go down the wrong path of drug addiction. I write this because I will not being making that same choice. I'm selfish if you want to say it. But its not fair to me or the fetus if there are serious implications of drug abuse. Thank you very much. I have an answer and if we don't get a family because of this choice. SO BE IT!

Also, Remember all those amazing stories that you have heard of from other people that have experienced a stupid ward members comment experience. yeah just had my own personal one! I was lucky enough to be the hot topic at a recent craft activity in the ward. And I didn't even have to be there! Lucky me! I think the comments were... Wow, that's a big house for someone who doesn't want kids... and "Doesn't she want kids" They are important you know? I'm sure she thinks I am breaking some kind of commandment. In the mean time. I avoid the lady with the idea of me commenting something negative back. Like... she is white trash and overweight and has a disgusting little perfect life. NO! why would you think I have anger management problems?

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