My little love bugs.

My little love bugs.
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Infertility Thoughts

Infertility Thoughts
It's been a while since I last talked about infertility. It's been on my mind a lot lately, for a couple of reasons. I have been around a lot of infertility success stories, ours included, and it has provided me with so much hope. On that same note I still know so many of you who are suffering and dealing with the seemingly never ending pain of infertility.

What's been interesting is that for us, with adoption, we feel both. We are a success story and are grateful every day for the little baby that is ours. On the other hand, I still get stabs to the heart every now and then when somebody says

"Aren't you so excited that you got a baby and you don't even have to be pregnant?"

Oh how I would love to be pregnant.

Infertility is eternal. Even if you have suffered for just a short time, or only once. Once you've felt the painful heartache of not being able to conceive, you never forget how that feels.

Infertility, in my mind, is not an event, but an opportunity. It's not something that happened, or happens, it's something that is and will be. It's not a one-time event, but a life-time chance to be more, to improve, to conquer, and to become who you should be.

I'm certainly somewhere on the path between the event and the end goal of not letting infertility be who I am, and I'm probably a lot closer to the event side of the path than the end goal. But I have learned that if we take infertility with an open mind, and most importantly an open heart, it can be the stepping stone that leads us to a beautiful view.

Keep going. It doesn't get easier, but it gets better.

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